We are David & Linda Mills and we've been married for 17 years and life just keeps getting better and better. As for the longhorns, what started as a simple promise to our youngest daughter to get her a single longhorn if ever we had a ranch...well, that's turned into a healthy family obsession that's broadened our interests, allowed us to meet some great people, and has ultimately brought us all closer together in this great new adventure.

As for the rest...

The Name: There's just something about our valley that kept me coming back to the term "legend". Beyond the dream of that legendary longhorn, there's the magical calming power of the valley, the whispering winds, the smile on my daughter's face when she caught her first grasshopper, the dreams, the hopes, the memories that all start here. I grew up with amazing grandparent's and their Ole' Tic Toc Ranch in South Texas and can only hope my daughters develop such great memories that seemingly transcend the bounds of reality.

The Logo: Thanks to great friend and marketing genius Gene Blakeney for taking our idea and desires for our brand and turning them into the perfect results you see at the bottom of this page.

The Brand: Well, it just didn't seem right to put a second set of horns on our beautiful longhorns...so we simplified what we have for our logo into something a bit more appropriate to put on a cow. We hope you agree, and more importantly, we will work hard to insure our brand on a longhorn will be synonomous with quality.

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