CV Call of Duty: $75 Hoofstock, TX
WS Midnight Weapon: $50 (sale $75 for 5 straws). ShowMe Genetics, MO
Hot Playboy 9: $25 Elgin Breeding Services, TX
RHF SharpShooter: $50 Elgin Breeding Services, TX
Concealed Weapon: $100 Elgin Breeding Services, TX
Phenomenon: $300 Elgin Breeding Services, TX

package deal 1:  $1000
50 straws of concealed weapon
50 straws of RHF Sharpshooter 

package deal 2:  $1500
150 straws of concealed weapon

Package deal 3:  $2700
50 straws of sharpshooter 
200 straws of concealed weapon
5 straws of phenomenon
Bonus: not sure if the following are any good…so including for free in this package.
2 straws of top caliber
9 straws of hot playboy
8 straws of WS jamakizm 

Buyer pays/coordinates all shipping.  Semen will be transferred to buyer via email for confirmation.  All semen is conventional unless sexed is noted with "(f)" for heifer sexed.

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